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This is the YOUNG DUNS SECTION of the Dundela FC site. YOU can now send a FREE greeting card through the site (Please ask your parent or guardian first).
We have a MIND READER game, a CONNECT 4 game, a JOKERAMA page and last but not least, this page where the young Duns fans can have their say. (Scroll down this page to view some zany anagrams)
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Gary Walker - Dundela FC

Gary Walker scooped both the, Player's Player of the Year & the Dundela FC Player of the Year awards at our Club Award Night on 24th May 2002.
We wish to add our congratulations to Gary for his endeavour throughout the past season.

Gary Walker - Dundela FC

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Tamarin Milford

Miss Tamarin Milford presented a special award to Gary McCormick at our annual Player Awards night (24th May 2002). Gary had been our Captain on Christmas Day 2001 in the Steel & Sons Cup Final and Tamarin was on that occasion, our club mascot.

From A Young Duns Fan...
Simon (email address withheld) asked us to link to the Astronomy Puzzles page and for a Young Duns fan, we will do anything.
Everyone can check this link out and try these puzzles for themselves.

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