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Young Duns - Jokerama

Man in cafe : "Waiter, what are these coins doing in my soup?"
Waiter :
 "Well Sir, you told us you would stop coming here unless there was some change in our meals."

Why do golfers always need 2 pairs of trousers?

Because they might get a hole in one!

What do you do with a blue banana?

Try to cheer it up!

Why does a lion have a fur coat?

Because it would look really silly in a denim jacket!

Did you hear about the silly teacher who bought a waterproof, shockproof, magnetic-proof watch?

It caught fire!

If you have a referee in football,
An umpire in cricket,
Then what do you have in bowls?


 Two fat ladies ran in a race. One ran in short bursts and the other ran in burst shorts!

How do you make a skeleton laugh?
Just tickle it's funny bone!

Doctor, I feel like an onion.
Well, just sit there a minute and don't get yourself into a pickle!

What is a wasp's favourite sport?


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You are currently viewing the 'JOKERAMA' page

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