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Dundela FC - Midfielder - Craig DoughertyMidfielder - Glenn Dougherty - Born: 15th June 1972

Craig is never one to shriek a tackle. He is also a very hard-working, creative and skilful player.
The 'Doc' has scored some vitally important goals throughout his career with the Duns.
He has won several Junior International Caps with Northern Ireland.

Personal Profile

Q How many years have you been with Dundela FC.?
A Over four years now at Wilgar
Q Have you played for any other clubs?
A Yes, East Belfast, Ballyclare Comrades and Lisburn Distillery
Q Who would you say is the best player you have played alongside?
A Alfie Stewart
Q Who has been the best player, as an opponent?
A Paul Byrne
Q Did you have a childhood football hero?
A Yes, Jimmy Cleary of Glentoran
Q Which team did you support as a child?
A Glentoran FC
Q Any other remarks you would like to add?
A Can't think of any!

Personal Honours Achieved

You are currently viewing the 'Craig Dougherty' page

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